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" Female Owned & Operated Business Established 1998 "


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Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide a wide range of private investigative services and our mission is to provide the best solutions, that help everyone.  If you wish to contact us, please fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page.     Have a nice day and come back often!

Here is a list of our professional services:
• Background checks for Pre-Employment, and  (specialized) New York Banking backgrounds for the mortgage industry.
• Domestic background checks on private persons at their request.
• Worked on and resolved many missing person’s cases, including locates for people with a fiduciary and personal interest.
• Completed adoption searches, and or assisted people in doing their own.
• Performed media ethics investigations.
• Testified many times on open and active cases, in various types of courts.
• I can perform multi-vehicle & multi-hour surveillances at the client's request.
• Workers Compensation
Please feel free to contact us with any of your private investigation needs!

Domestic Investigations:

Specialized Background & Pre-employment Background Checks:

Workers Compensation:


Media Investigations:

Confirm or negate disabilities and injuries
Confirm or negate employees work status

Cohabitation - confirmation of ex-spouse (the recipient of support) cohabiting with another income earning partner
Infidelity - Confirm or negate suspicions of a cheating partner
Missing Persons - Assist to locate missing or out of touch friends or loved ones (IE Reunion assistance)
Adoption - locate birth parents or children

Basic Background Includes:
•Verify previous & current address
•Verify drivers license
•Verify criminal records
•Verify employment history
•Verify references

New York State Banking Background Includes all checks listed above plus the following:
All federal, criminal & civil records from all counties & contiguous counties employee has lived in or around for the past 10 years
Media searches
All Professional and personal references checked,
bankruptcies, liens and judgments

Child Endangerment - Confirming negligent or dangerous behavior on part of custodial or non custodial parents, or guardians towards children in their care

State of the art hidden & covert cameras
Including but not limited to; nightshot, video, stills and mobile cameras.

Comprehensive Background Includes all of the checks from the basic background plus the following:
Civil records check, credit checks if needed and allowed

Verify accuracy of reported news & photographs